Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last year Kindred had a new game system which was X-wings miniatures game, which is the first time Legio Malaysia has drop 40k for another system in their doubles tournament.

I decided to join with my regular kindred wingman Yip and we manage to win the tournament!

It was an awesome experience. And I swore our first game was so bad due to dice... it just ain't funny... rolling blanks and manage to score 4 cards that did  2 damage to ships in 3 turns.... We manage to draw that game, And TA the next opponent to move up to the Finals.

My list was a simple 7 fighter TIE swarm with my wingman bringing 2 TIE defenders and a TIE bomber. Our strategy was simple I swarm he kill with his heavy laser cannons.

Here is the pics from that day

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