Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last year Kindred had a new game system which was X-wings miniatures game, which is the first time Legio Malaysia has drop 40k for another system in their doubles tournament.

I decided to join with my regular kindred wingman Yip and we manage to win the tournament!

It was an awesome experience. And I swore our first game was so bad due to dice... it just ain't funny... rolling blanks and manage to score 4 cards that did  2 damage to ships in 3 turns.... We manage to draw that game, And TA the next opponent to move up to the Finals.

My list was a simple 7 fighter TIE swarm with my wingman bringing 2 TIE defenders and a TIE bomber. Our strategy was simple I swarm he kill with his heavy laser cannons.

Here is the pics from that day

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dwarven airforce!

I know I still got half to go for my hammerers but I decided to take a break from painting hammerers and test out an idea for an alternate gyrocopter.

I was already set on breaking apart my bomber when I saw some cool conversion ideas of using the frame from the bomber to pull the rear of the gyrocopter to make it more like a helicopter. So I tested it out and one thing led to another n I eventually bought another gyro to build my 3rd heli.

What do you think? I will be painting the other two to a similar color as my painted dr robotnik gyro, prob the longer tail frame will be in wood or bronze dunno which yet. Thinking wood at the moment.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here comes the flying eggs

Took a break from painting the hammerers got 16 done now so 14 to go. Yesterday I was working on my gyrocopter still needs more work

Monday, January 5, 2015

Progress with the dwarves of karak izor

Got started again with my dwarves. Lately I have been slacking on thr fantasy front and now after the visual boost of watching the last hobbit I am back to painting the throng.

Currently working on my 30 man hammerer unit and the lord on the bear.

Here is my progress so far

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Come the Germans

With the Allied stuff almost done...

Here is a teaser to my next project :D

I am avoiding playing those fancy SS and will go with a traditional German Infantry division with a 5 panzer IV i love those tanks.  They to me are the most gorgeous looking tanks in WW2.

Monday, October 6, 2014

82nd Airborne Para - Operation Market Garden.

Its been a while since I updated the blog.

I have kinda unplug myself out of 40k and GW in general. But I have gotten myself into Flames of War by Battlefront and also infinity,

Below is my completed 82nd airborne. I am now moving into getting my 6 shermans and 2 firefly from the open fire box done. 

It was really fun to get back into painting. Especially in this scale and in the WW2 timeline.

I am now taking part in my first firestorm campaign for operation market garden.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Got my dwarves bloodied and now back with a grudge

After two games (lost both) to VC

I think I got some ideas how to tune the list a little.

Things that work/dont work

Thunderers! the fact that Grimm Burloksson on a 2+ allows the whole unit to reroll hits is really awesome. I am thinking of building a bigger bulk of em now, even in a charge they will hurt bcs they don't get -1 to stand and shoot and they get 4+ armour 5+ parry from shield wall in the turn you charge. In a fat block of 30 they will be firing 30 S4 armour piercing shots per turn (reroll misses!)

Organ gun! they are pretty solid unit, quite expansive at 170 points but its because of those runes the reroll missfire and +1 to hit allows me to fire on average 10 S5 armour piercing shots per turn. I am trying to work out how to bring a second one.

Cannon, tbh it has been underwhelming.. in the last game it just kept bouncing off its mark which is really annoying and personally not worth its points, If I want to rune it up to reroll missfire and also bounce it will cost me as much as an organ gun upgraded. So I am a bit partial about bringing too many of this guys.

the bomber! is really good, It just keeps criss-crossing the opponents units and dropping bombs does wither down the enemies horde, and it can still fire its gun in the shooting phase. I find it also works well as a redirector and also to road block the opponent to force him to charge that instead of my unit.

the gyrocopter is ok, the flamer does well to thin down hordes, and also having vanguard does help a little to deal with enemy scouts and harass the enemy flanks a little. Will definately keep him in for future games.

I need a rearguard unit prob two to watch my flanks a little better, It was annoying to get my warmachines stuck by fast cavalry and my dwarves cant really react to them fast units since they are slow. But Rangers are rare, and worse still 14pts each, so I need to find another cost efficient unit to help protect my flanks... thinking getting 2 units of 10 quarrelers whom are armed with crossbows, and give them shields in units of 10 to do some rearguard protection for my force. Also since the flyers of the dwarven air force will be already harassing the enemies rear from turn 1, I might opt not to bring em rangers after all

verdict - what is clear I love range weapons!... granted they wont match the wood elves shooting But what they lack in quality they come in quantity hehehehe... My tau of the fantasy world!